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Administrators can create specialties in iMedConsent to include local forms and/or consents (Primary Care, for example).

To create a specialty:

  1. From the toolbar, click Maintenance -> Specialty.
  2. When the screen opens, click the drop-down arrow next to "Specialty" and select "New".


  3. Give your Specialty a name and click "Apply".


  4. Click "OK" in the information Pop-Up.


  5. Click the "Create" button if you want your new specialty to contain default consent categories (Basic and Step By Step).

TIP 1: New specialties that contains consent categories must attach a Document Activity Profile (DAP) to it so that iMedConsent knows what note title to attach. For instructions, please see the section titled Copying Document Activity Profiles.

TIP 2: Administrators do not have the ability to delete Specialties (even those created locally). Please contact Dialog Medical support to delete Specialties created locally (Specialties in the standard library must remain). If Specialties do not contain Categories/documents, they will not be visible to the end-user.

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