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The Document Information Screen consists of the following TABS:

  1. Document Properties.
    Name - English and Spanish
    Document Type - “See Maintanence area of the Admin Guide for further details"
    Content Attributes - Is an informational screen
    "See Content Attributes in the Admin Guide for further details"
  2. Sections - Identifies the Sections of the document.
  3. Fields - Identifies the fields within the document.
  4. Keywords - Words that can be used when searching for a document.
  5. Category - Identifies where the document is located (also allows you to place the document into additional categories when you place a check mark into the box).
  6. Images - Identifies the images within the document.
  7. Document Profile - Defines behavior of the document “See Topic area of the Admin Guide for further details”.
  8. Provider Summary - Summarizes the procedure that is being performed.


Click CANCEL to exit from this area.

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