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Orphan documents are documents that are not assigned to any specialty/category. Orphan documents can be of type Child, Normal, PDF, or DrugHTML. Dialog Medical orphans various documents with patch releases. The administrator user can also orphan documents by removing them from library (right click -> Remove).

It is not recommended to remove any documents from the standard library in iMedConsent. However, it is very useful for administrative users to orphan locally-created documents that are still in draft form (and do not want end users accessing them).

Once a local document is created and assigned to a specialty/category, administrative users can right click -> Remove the document, and will not see it in the library. It can however, be retrieved from the Orphan Documents list.

Once in Orphan documents, a dialog window pops up below that allows for documents to be searched, edited, or copied. When the document is ready to return to the standard library, this can be accomplished by selecting the Info button, followed by the Categories tab at the top, then checking where the document is to exist. Clicking the Update button will place the document to the location specified in the library.


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