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Selecting New from the File menu allows administrators to create new documents in iMedConsent.

The following screen will open:

A description of each item is as follows:

  • Name - This will be the name of the document in iMedConsent. It might be a good idea to name documents with a suffix indicating the VA facility. The next field defaults to English-US. Select Spanish to add a document to the Spanish library of iMedConsent.
  • Document Type - This is the type of document that is created. The document types recommended for administrators to use are:
    • Child - Creates a consent document. This document type uses the VA consent template.
    • Normal - Creates an educational or administrative document. This is a free form style that has no template.
    • Note - Creates a progress note. When this is created, you will be able to select this from the DAPS general tab.
    • PDF - Allows administrators to insert a PDF document into iMedConsent (and specify the document location.
  • Description - This is a placeholder for the user to enter document information (i.e. initials, date of creation, requesting physician's name,etc.).

  • Specialty - Selects the specialty the document is stored in.
  • Category - Selects the category within the specialty above the document is stored.
  • Create New - This button creates the document. For normal and child documents, the document will automatically open in edit mode.
  • Enabled - Please keep this default checked so the document will be visible in the library (this feature will be disabled in a future release of the product).
  • Cancel - This button returns to the main iMedConsent screen when selected.

  • Tip: iMedConsent does not have Spelling and Grammar capability – Please validate text in Word or other word processor.
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