Job Monitor and Email Notification System for Monitoring Job Monitor Errors

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The Job Monitor is a stand-alone application that shows the overall state of iMedConsent jobs going to VistA. It is set to look at the holding to process folder on the iMed server. That folder holds jobs that have not processed through. The Job Monitor allows jobs that have generated errors to be manually re-submitted.

To resubmit a failed job, follow these steps (it might be a good idea to have the IRM department involved):

  1. Click on the job to highlight it.
  2. Click the Open Job button.
  3. Click on the Resubmit and Process button. (Multiple jobs can be re-submitted by holding down the CTRL button, selecting jobs, right-click on the mouse, and choosing “Resubmit in batch”.)
  4. Wait for the job monitor to update the status and you should see the same Job ID listed under Active Jobs with a new Task ID.

Typically, IRM and/or CACs share the responsibility of checking the Job Monitor. The Job monitor should be checked on a daily basis to ensure documents in iMedConsent are successfully transferred to CPRS/VistA Imaging.

Note: iMedConsent has developed a configurable email notification system for iMedConsent Job Errors. When a job errors, the notification system automatically fires off a message to and anyone at the site added to the notification list stating that "a document is in error status in the iMedConsent job monitor”. This is configured at the C:\documentService\bin\documentService.exe.config file under ‘error.sendTo.local’ using semi-colon-separated e-mail addresses. Please contact Dialog Medical Support if you need assistance in configuring the notifications.

For more information about Job Monitor, refer to the Job Monitor Implementation Guide” provided by Dialog Medical.

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