How to Edit Facility Specific Procedure Notes for Consent Documents

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When an iMed Administrator views a consent procedure in “edit” mode, the screen display now appears like this:

Notice the list of sections displayed at the left now displays the new section. The name appears in bold text to indicate no information has been added to that section.

If facility-specific information needs to be added for this procedure, click on the section name and add appropriate text in the work area in the center of the screen:

Click the “Save” option from the “File” menu at the top to save your changes.

After the new information has been added, the clinical user will notice the following change on the Treatment/Procedure panel in the wizard when creating a consent for that procedure:

NOTE: Even if no Facility Specific Procedure notes have been added to this procedure, the second text box will still appear (empty) and the clinical user can type text there.

The Final View of the completed document now appears with the new information added at the end of the Treatment/Procedure section (Item #9). See the last sentence in the second paragraph of the document displayed below:

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