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A field is a variable contained within a document that has the ability to present entry completion options to the user. The result of this interaction is what is substituted for the field within the document.


Field Descriptions

Below are a list of fields that are used in iMedConsent:

Custom Field Creation Wizard

The Custom Field Creation Wizard is a simple way to create fields. The Custom Field Creation Wizard can only be accessed from the Edit View of a Normal document. Once the Edit View is open, select the “Create Field” button.

The following is an example of the Custom Field Creation Wizard. When clicking on each Radio button, the Field Description will show on the right.

Create a Text Entry – One Line field (Example)

1. In the Custom Field Creation Wizard UI there are several selections to choose from. Select “Text Entry – One Line” (as shown above) and click “Next Step”

2. The next panel of the Wizard will ask what type of Text Entry – One Line field.

  • A user entry field is used for a user to enter information
  • Non-changing printable text element is a field that provides one line of information the user cannot change.

3. After clicking “Next”, the user will get to Step 3 of the Wizard.

  • A name is required for all fields. The first entry box is where the name of the field is entered.
  • If the field is required the user will not be able to continue through the Wizard without making a change or selection. If the field is not required the user does not have to make a change or a selection to the Wizard to continue (The Finish or Next button will be enabled.
  • )
  • The user has the option to insert the field at the cursor position in the document. If “No” is selected the field will be available in Field Management to insert at a later time.

Field Management

In the Field Management UI there are several options.

  • Searching for existing Fields:The UI provides several different ways to search for existing fields.
  • Search by Select All- Clicking the “Select All” button will check all of the Field Type boxes. Click “Start Search” to search for fields of all field types.
  • Selecting one type of field- The user can select one type of field and only the selected field types will show in Search Results.
  • Field Name Contains Filter- Filtering names of fields by entering part of the field name. (Example; Select All, type in “head” and start search. All field names that contain “head” in the name will show in Search Results).
  • Field Name Starts With Filter- This search will allow the user to type the first part of a field name to find a field.
  • Show all matching fields- Show all fields that match the selected search.
  • Show only matching fields created at this location- Checking this selection will allow the user to filter only fields that have been created locally.

Create New

Create New is another way to create fields. The Field Wizard (described above) is the recommended way for creating fields. Field Management lists all types of fields that can be created but some of them are rarely/never used depending on the client.

Create New Option Field (Example)

1. From the drop down select Option -> Create New.

2. Complete the text boxes and controls as necessary.

  • Name- Field names must be unique.
  • Field Type- This is the type of field that is being created.
  • Field Target- Client specific (VA does not use this option).
  • Required- If the field is marked as required, a selection will have to be made before the user can continue (Before the Next/Finish button enables); if not marked as required, the user does not have to make a selection before continuing.
  • Locked- This option is primarily used for a Label field. Selecting this option will lock the field so the text that is entered can not be changed.
  • Enabled- This box has to be checked for the field to show in the Wizard. If this box is unchecked then the field will be disabled. If this box is checked and the field is not showing in the wizard then there may be a problem with the process selected in Document Activity Profiles.
  • Delimiter- The delimiter is used for separating selections in the Final View Form. This is primarily used in a MultiSelection Field.
  • Value- Information about the selection made in a field (Example; Anesthesia YES/NO)

3. Adding List Options; Click -> Add New

4. The following screen will appear. Enter in an option by entering a Name and a Value. The Numeric Value is used to order the List Options in the Wizard. Click “Save Changes” to save the List Option.

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