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The Favorites feature gives the user the ability to organize documents that he or she uses frequently. Users can create a list of documents for easy access that the system knows to associate to the users network login name. Users can add and remove documents from their individual Favorites list as needed.

There are two ways to access the Favorites Editor Screen.

  1. Navigate to Maintenance and select Favorites.
  2. Once a Favorites list is created, Favorites Editor can be accessed from a button located on the right side of the Favorites View Screen.

Note: In the Favorites Editor Screen, there is a check box labeled “Automatically Add Completed Documents to Favorites.” If this box is checked, all saved documents will automatically be added to the Favorites list.

To add and remove documents without using the Favorites Editor:

  • To add a document to the Favorites list, right-click on the selected document and select “Add to Favorites” from the menu.
  • To remove a document from the Favorites list, navigate to the “Favorites View Screen”, right-click on the document selected and select “Remove from Favorites" from the menu. If there is only one document listed in a Specialty in the Favorites list, then the Specialty will also be removed.
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