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This new feature, which is available on most education documents (Education – Easy Reading, Education – Standard, and Patient Instructions) enables clinicians and patient educators to document elements specified by The Joint Commission. Once completed, the assessment is documented in a progress note. While use of this feature is not mandatory, it may help some facilities document their patient education activities.

New Document Teaching and Assessment button appears at the upper right on the Document View screen.

When the user clicks the new button, a series of four panels will display with questions about the patient’s understanding of the conversation and ability/readiness to follow medical advice.

Please note when making a selection that asks to “Describe in Comments”, the “Next” button will not be enabled until these are added.

This is the first of the four panels. Notice the “Help” feature to the left which provides instructions for answering each question.

This is the second of the four panels.

This is the third of the four panels.

Fourth and final panel

When all four panels have been processed, the user clicks the “Finish” button and the teaching assessment is complete. All responses are recorded in the progress note.

Note for Administrators: The Default Non-Consent DAP VA has been modified to allow The “Document Teaching and Assessment” note to go to a unique TIU number in CPRS. To enable this feature, update the TIU value in the Education Assessment Note Number field found under the Medical Record tab (for the Default Non-Consent DAP VA). Please note that the system defaults this value with the existing TIU value found in the Note Number field.

Please feel free to contact Dialog Medical if you have any questions regarding this.

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