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Previously, the “Comments” section was a free-text area that did not automatically appear in the “Basic” mode. Practitioners had to complete the consent form and then select “Comments” from the “Edit Options” control to enter information in this consent form field. In this release, the “Comments” screen automatically appears in “Basic” mode, and has been redesigned to include four checkboxes that enable the user to easily import standard text into the consent form and the associated progress note in CPRS.

The new “Comments” screen is illustrated below. One or more of the new checkbox options can be selected. The “Next” button at the bottom of the page is enabled, (the user is not required to make a selection.

In the illustration below, the user has selected 2 items and the corresponding text appears in the textbox:

The user can also type additional information directly into the textbox:

The completed consent form and progress notes will incorporate this text:

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