Chemotherapy Consent Categories Available Under Hematology and Oncology

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New categories now appear under the Hematology and Oncology specialty.

These categories contain agent-specific consent forms for Chemotherapy (individual agents, combinations, and intrathecal).

The wizard panel has been slightly modified to allow the clinician to select the route of administration for the chemotherapy agent. The Anatomical Location, Anesthesia Practitioner, and Blood Products fields are not included in the chemotherapy consent forms.

Route of Administration question on the Description of Procedure panel.

Consents in the “Chemo – Intrathecal” categories do not require the user to select the Route of Administration.

Note for Administrators: The following DAPS must be updated to save the new Chemotherapy consents to the patient’s chart:

• VA Chemotherapy Consents Basic
• VA Chemotherapy Consents- Step-by-Step
• VA Chemotherapy Consents Basic- Intrathecal
• VA Chemotherapy Consents Step-By-Step- Intrathecal

Under the Medical Record tab for each DAP, update the Education Assessment Note Number and Note Number fields with the TIU value used for consents at your facility.

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