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As an administrative user, there are several functions when right clicking on a single document. A brief description of each item is as follows:

  • View - This prepares the document for final viewing (same as double-clicking on the document, or if the document was a procedure, selecting the Begin Consent button).
  • Edit - This opens up the document selected from iMedConsent in Edit mode.
  • Add to Favorites - Very Useful! This adds the document selected to the users personal Favorites list. End Users have the capability to do this as well and are encoraged to do so.
  • Copy - This brings up a dialog box that will allow copying the document selected into iMedConsent. It is recommended when creating local copies to suffix the document with the facility's initials.
  • Save As - Selecting Save As from the File menu allows saving the last document selected from iMedConsent to a specific target folder location.
  • Export - This allows exporting documents out of iMedConsent in a format that can be imported into another facility's version of iMedConsent.
  • Remove - This removes the document from the main user interface of iMedConsent. This document can still be retrieved from the Maintenance/Documents/Orphan Documents menu option.
  • Content Attributes - This feature lists the revision history of the document. This feature is mainly used internally at Dialog Medical.
  • Properties - This opens up a dialog box of document properties that includes tabs for Sections, Fields, Keywords, Categories, Images, Document Activity Profiles, and Provider Summary.
  • The following screen will open when right clicking on a document:


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